Early warning: March 13 @ The Whistler


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onyx System
Rainbo Video

The Whistler
2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.
9 pm
no cover, 21+
RSVP, more info

Onyx System are a duo comprised of guitar player Alex Nova and synthesizer Jim Lace. Musically merging the concious and the unconcious mind. Insular inventions in the spirit of Chrome, Ennio Morricone, ADN Ckrystall, Silver Apples, Alan Vega, and The Incredible String Band.

Rainbo Video is a Chicago-based musician and visual artist. Constructed from synthesizers, samples, and crisp electronics, his newest tracks reside in the realm of synth pop and melodic hip-hop. With the recent addition of his own vocals to the mix, he brings a new depth to his arrangements and live performances. Rainbo Video uses a palette of euphoric melodies and urgent rhythms to explore themes as diverse as futurology, the depths of the unconscious, and the mysteries of space. This is pop music for the Singularity.

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