September 12 @ Moe’s Tavern

Thursday September 12, 2019

Lime Forest
Rainbo Video
Cheer Chair
Joshua Wentz

Moe’s Tavern
2937 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago 60618
8 pm

LIME FOREST is the solo project of Richard Raymond II, a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL. Raymond combines 60’s psychedelia and 90’s crunch in an attempt to create a tough, yet tender, wonderland.

RAINBO VIDEO is the solo electronic project of multidisciplinary artist Arturo Evening. Constructed from synths, samples, and crisp electronics, his newest tracks fuse synth pop and underground dance music. With a palette of euphoric melodies and urgent rhythms, his songs explore futurology, the depths of the unconscious, and the mysteries of space. This is pop music for the Singularity.

CHEER CHAIR is the 4th music project of Chicago’s Morgan Samson evolved from synth pop and meaningful notions. A honest lyrical outlook with a purposefully poppy tone achieves the goal of modestly suggesting spirituality in a more welcoming and vibrant style of music. Sacredly motivated, Morgan aims to provide a new take on expression through his songs that are coated in indie melodies and peaceful translations.

JOSHUA WENTZ is a musician and sound designer from Chicago, currently collaborating with psych-folk artist Jessica Risker, and is a member of Silvergirl (Americana/Pop) and Brash Flair (triphop/electronica).  His newest solo album, Lifted Into The Depths, is out this month via Michigan based label 1473.