Rainbo Video is Arturo Evening, a Chicago-based musician and visual artist. With a name that evokes arrays of color both natural and technological, Rainbo Video makes music that couldn’t be more appropriate. In his brand of electronic pop, colors infuse every note. Constructed from synthesizers, samples, and crisp electronics, his newest tracks reside in the realm of synth pop and melodic hip-hop. The recent addition of his own vocals to the mix brings a new depth to his arrangements and live performances.

With a formal background in filmmaking, Evening started out making avant-garde films and videos, then began translating his cinematic visions into music. Live performances now regularly include his own visual projections. Using a palette of euphoric melodies and urgent rhythms he explores themes as diverse as futurology, the depths of the unconscious, and the mysteries of space. This is pop music for the Singularity.

The summer of 2011 saw Rainbo Video self-release his debut album, Shadow Relics, a refined piece of ambient electronic and modern classical music with shades of folk. Audratic has called it “a piece of engaging, electronic-based minimalism,” describing opening track Ultraviolet as a “beautiful and epic 10-minute plus piece, reminiscent of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint.” 20 Jazz Funk Greats described “Ultraviolet” as “the sound of giddy excitement at fantastic detail,” calling the album “extremely beautiful.” Beach Sloth noted that “the gorgeous colors emanating from these five compositions shocked me. Everything is meticulous, melodic, infinitely well-organized and lovely.” The Deli Magazine described it as “beautiful, haunting, and stunning in scope. Over just five tracks, he manages to loop his way through modern electronic music. This is minimal trance or ambient music, but with so many layers and textures you will find yourself lost and in love.”

After Shadow Relics, an album built around crystalline guitars and nebulous effects, Rainbo Video has expanded his spectrum to include the accessible, upbeat territory of electronic pop. Rainbo Video has shared the stage with Pictureplane, Doldrums, Anamanaguchi, Theophilus London, White Car, Futurecop!, and Magicks.

To view Arturo’s visual and conceptual art, visit his portfolio site at arturoevening.com.