Photo contest

Arturo Evening, 2011

I’ve entered three of my photos in Fine Art America’s National TV Photo Contest. The odds are tough, but I’d be grateful if you’d throw some votes my way! The winner gets one of their photos along with their name featured on a nationally televised commercial.

The three photos I have entered are Wait (pictured above), as well as All 1 and Resonance (see below).

The contest only runs for another week, until May 31st, so please vote today! It’ll only take a few seconds. You can vote for each photo once, so please vote for all three!

Here are the links to cast your votes:

If you have a chance, please forward this post along to friends/family – every vote counts! Thanks!

All 1
Arturo Evening, 2011

Resonance, Arturo Evening, 2011

Arturo Evening, 2011

Show tonight

Show tonight at Hungry Brain. Very much looking forward to the performance. Everything I’m playing is unreleased, and 90% of it will be improvised. I’ll also be performing my first ever piece in just intonation.

Just to clear up some confusion that may have been generated by the Do312 event page: this is not a record release show for me, and I won’t be playing anything remotely like my 2007 hyper-sampling speed pop track “Colors,” which someone apparently uploaded to YouTube with the incorrect assertion that it was “techno.”

All that being said, I will have CDs of Shadow Relics for sale. The DVDs are very close to being ready, but not quite yet. Sorry for the wait, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Show details again:

Monday, May 21st

DreamBait presents:
Rainbo Video
Lofstrom and Else
Matthew Dotson

Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont Ave.
Roscoe Village, Chicago
Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm
21+, Free (donations encouraged)

Immortal words

Stopped at the video store recently. Some great, rare cult flicks visible in that shot, but what did I end up settling on? Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

I couldn’t be happier. Decent sequel, but the high point probably came from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commentary. Below is just a short excerpt, it’s…amazing.

Schwarzenegger’s T3 commentary

On the road

Producing on the road. Forthcoming track: “Zero Kelvin.”

I sing on this one.

p.s. Newspaper headline reads “Rapper Conquered Music World in ’80s With Beastie Boys”