Hek Hernandez’s 1982 album release & show


It’s been awhile since I posted here, or had much of any presence on the internet for that matter. I’ve been enjoying a simpler life, away from the torrent of fleeting digital minutiae. I’m happy to be focused on the everyday work of actually creating music, not just talking about creating it.

One of the projects I recently worked on was a collaboration for my friend Hek Hernandez’s album, 1982. I wrote lyrics for & sang on “Reaction,” the final track on the album. It was a very enjoyable experience, and was more or less my first collaboration with another artist – certainly my first collaboration in the role of “vocalist.”

1982 is an electronic/hip hop album that takes thematic and stylistic cues from contemporary art, high fashion, trends in pop and underground music, and the beautiful city of Chicago. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Go download the whole album for free on his website:

Also, tonight is the album release show at Transistor in Lakeview. It will feature a live performance by Hek, as well as a DJ set by Supertoy, another great Chicago producer/MC. Show details are below.

By the way, Transistor is an amazing boutique shop I played at a few months ago that sells books, art, cameras, and custom electronics, and regularly hosts shows by local and international musicians. If you want to see a truly unique Chicago spot, be sure to check it out.


Hek Hernadez: 1982
Album Release Party

Hek Hernandez (live)
Supertoy (DJ)

3441 N. Broadway

7 pm
Free, BYOB

Shadow Relics reviewed by The Deli Magazine

Shadow Relics received a favorable review from The Deli Magazine Chicago:

The debut album for local musician and artist Rainbo Video (aka Arturo Evening) is beautiful, haunting, and stunning in scope. Over just five tracks, he manages to loop his way through modern electronic music. This is minimal trance or ambient music but with so many layers and textures you will find yourself lost and in love. The epic opening to the album, “Ultraviolet,” is the best of Steve Reich mixed with Aphex Twin. The album as a whole is chilling, but that could be because of the album’s core concept. Shadow Relics centers around an expedition to Antarctica and the strange artifacts uncovered there.

rainbovideo.com is live

So rainbovideo.com is now its own entity, separate from my portfolio website at arturoevening.com. This site will be dedicated to my music, while the portfolio site will strictly be a showcase of my visual and conceptual art. I’ll occasionally reblog a post from one to the other, but that’s the plan: separate focuses, separate websites.

Above is the cover art for my next (as yet untitled) release. It’s an EP, and will be very different from Shadow Relics. Stay tuned.