Free download of Shadow Relics, through Monday 8/20 + new merch store

It’s my birthday weekend, and to show my appreciation for everyone who listens to my music (or might like to), I’m making my album Shadow Relics available as a free digital download through Monday (8/20).

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, now’s your chance! It’s also a perfect opportunity to share the album with any musicophile friends who might be interested.

Just head to the Shadow Relics Bandcamp page, click Buy Now, enter in the price ($0 if you want the free download), and proceed as usual. Of course, you can still also pay for it if you feel so inclined, and the $8 Limited Edition CD featuring beautiful full-color photographs of Antarctica is also still available there. :)

The Limited Edition Shadow Relics DVD is also nearing completion, so stay tuned for news on that. And speaking of which…

Rainbo Video merch and Æ art available through Bandcamp

Now that Bandcamp has added the option to sell physical goods, I’ll also be selling my non-musical merchandise and art (DVDs, paintings, prints, photos, etc.) in the Rainbo Video merch store. I recently added my acrylic painting Critical Theory #3, and will definitely post updates when more items are available.

Have a great weekend!

Show tonight

Show tonight at Hungry Brain. Very much looking forward to the performance. Everything I’m playing is unreleased, and 90% of it will be improvised. I’ll also be performing my first ever piece in just intonation.

Just to clear up some confusion that may have been generated by the Do312 event page: this is not a record release show for me, and I won’t be playing anything remotely like my 2007 hyper-sampling speed pop track “Colors,” which someone apparently uploaded to YouTube with the incorrect assertion that it was “techno.”

All that being said, I will have CDs of Shadow Relics for sale. The DVDs are very close to being ready, but not quite yet. Sorry for the wait, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Show details again:

Monday, May 21st

DreamBait presents:
Rainbo Video
Lofstrom and Else
Matthew Dotson

Hungry Brain
2319 W. Belmont Ave.
Roscoe Village, Chicago
Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm
21+, Free (donations encouraged)

Shadow Relics reviewed by The Deli Magazine

Shadow Relics received a favorable review from The Deli Magazine Chicago:

The debut album for local musician and artist Rainbo Video (aka Arturo Evening) is beautiful, haunting, and stunning in scope. Over just five tracks, he manages to loop his way through modern electronic music. This is minimal trance or ambient music but with so many layers and textures you will find yourself lost and in love. The epic opening to the album, “Ultraviolet,” is the best of Steve Reich mixed with Aphex Twin. The album as a whole is chilling, but that could be because of the album’s core concept. Shadow Relics centers around an expedition to Antarctica and the strange artifacts uncovered there.

Ultraviolet on YouTube

Someone uploaded “Ultraviolet” to YouTube, called it “A masterpiece — a modern classic,” and then promptly removed it.

I guess on a cosmic timeline, all masterpieces are gone in the blink of an eye. ;)